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Fully Autonomous Electric Transport Systems



Leadership through Innovation

Cost reduction and avoidance of emissions through fully automated transport with autonomous electric vehicles - indoors and outdoors.

Increase in efficiency through automation, process optimisation and full integration into logistics processes.

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Global Logistics Automation

Autonomous transport system for pallets 

Aitonomi offers autonomous electric towing vehicles with smart trailers to automate logistics. Thanks to automated coupling and decoupling, the vehicle can change trailers within 5 minutes. Thanks to automatic pallet recognition and automated load securing, the transport starts as soon as the last pallet is loaded. Automated charging with a pantograph system enables 24/7 operation. Communication with traffic lights is automated.


The semi-trailer has been certified by DEKRA. The vehicle navigates with the Aitonomi AutoPilot.

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Autonomous delivery robot

Aitonomi offers self-driving delivery robots for smart cities with a payload of 30kg. The robots are applied for last mile deliveries in cities, hotels and theme parks.


Our delivery robots can communicate with elevators and operate fully autonomously using the Aitonomi AutoPilot software.

Aitonomi Software

The Aitonomi AutoPilot software navigates vehicles with a payload up to 50 tons. The AutoPilot is developed in-house and verified in 24/7 operation on customer sites.

In addition to the AutoPilot system, Aitonomi provides various software components and interfaces for the efficient integration of the autonomous vehicles into the logistics processes.


Our simulations of the customer transport processes enable process optimisation for the best possible automation results.

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Strong partner network

Together with our partners we develop and implement most innovative transport automation solutions worldwide.

Communication with elevators (in cooperation with TK Elevator), real-time mapping of traffic participants with 5G  (in cooperation with Cellnex), processing of satellite images with neural networks (in cooperation with ESA), etc. enables the integration of autonomous transport systems in logistic processes.


NEOM Oxagon x McLaren Accelerator

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Redefining automation

Aitonomi AG (previously TeleRetail AG) was founded in Switzerland in 2014 with the vision to automate transport tasks in smart cities.


Aitonomi has been focusing on its autopilot software which can be used in vehicles of different sizes. In 2017, the first autonomous delivery robot was presented at the IAA in Frankfurt. In 2022, possibly the world's largest autonomously driving truck for industrial use was presented.


Aitonomi operates worldwide through its strong partner network and own branches such as TeleRetail GmbH in Germany and TeleRetail Inc in the USA.

Board & Advisors

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